Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

I just got in from my first round of golf in nearly three months, and I actually feel pretty good.

I mean, I am still a terrible golfer – some things may never change – but the fact that I went out, played 18 holes, spent over an hour in the car round trip, and am not feeling any ill effects, is certainly noteworthy.

Oh, and I beat the guy I was playing with, too.

When my back first started acting up in July, it got progressively better over the course of a week.  About 10 days after it first started to hurt, I played a round of golf, and the little bit of pain I had went away completely.  Unfortunately, when everything flared up again in late August, I never felt good enough to give it a shot.  Swinging a club just felt like a dangerous proposition; all it would take is one bad swing – or maybe even one good swing – and I might not even be able to walk back to the cart.  And with the annual Thanksgiving Golf Classic coming up, not defending my trophy is not an option.

(I’ll write more about that in about a week and a half.)

Fortunately, ever since the really bad episode I had three weeks ago, things have gotten progressively better, to the point that within a week, I wasn’t feeling any pain whatsoever.  I have no idea why that happened, or when/if I’ll have another crippling attack of pain, but I make sure to stretch my back out a little throughout the day, and hopefully the worst is behind me, no pun intended.

Earlier in the year, a couple friends and I bought discounted vouchers from  If you play at all, I highly recommend you check it out; it’s like Groupon for golf.  Unfortunately, the vouchers expire December 31, and when you take out a three-month chunk of time, you have to squeeze rounds in when you can.  That means a chilly morning round, and when you’re coming off a back problem, that’s a good recipe for trouble.

The only trouble, however, was with my game.  I couldn’t make a putt to save my life.  The problem at first was the speed of the greens; the grass seemed long, and the ground was wet from rain earlier in the morning, but because it has been cold in the area for a while, the ground was hard and the ball was bouncing and rolling all over the course.  I’m usually good for one medium-to-long putt per round, but I don’t think I sank anything longer than four feet all day.  As we moved along, though, the misses got closer, so I’m chalking it up to rust.

This post has gone on longer than I intended, and probably longer than anyone reading would like, so I will wrap it up by saying that it felt really good to get back out on the course.  When something you enjoy doing (even if you can’t do it very well) gets taken away, even for a short time, when you get it back, it’s a good feeling.

Of course, this is golf, so the good feeling lasts until you slice that first tee shot out of bounds.  But hey, for two holes, I was on cloud nine.


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