Prove to Me

I generally don’t pay attention to commercials, but at the same time, when I see a good one, I can admire its effectiveness and enjoy its humor.  But when a commercial flops?  Oh man.

The most annoying commercial being run right now, at least to me, anyway, is for d-CON rat and mouse traps.  There is a man in a rat suit – and it’s very clearly a man in a suit; like, you can see his face – and he’s eating something.  Cheese, I assume.  There is a woman doing the dishes and she looks at him and says, “you disgust me.”  His answer?  “Prove it.”


Like, she has to prove that rats are disgusting by buying d-CON?  I think a good advertisement makes you laugh, maybe makes you think, and either way makes the product look good/useful/vital.  What is this commercial even doing?  Oh, this is a man-sized rat, isn’t that gross?  Hey, d-CON kills rats, go get some!  Except I’m not in any way disgusted by this guy because IT’S CLEARLY A GUY, NOT AN ACTUAL RAT.  The ads that use animated cartoon rats skeeve me out more than that guy does.

Maybe I just don’t get it.  I’m a smart guy, but it’s possible that the humor and effectiveness go over my head.  I doubt it, though.

Then again, I’m talking about their product, so maybe it served its purpose after all.  Whatever.  This commercial makes me want to turn off the television, and talking about it makes me want to end this post a little earl

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