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Tell Me What the Name of This Is

I’ll admit I don’t watch a ton of commercials; usually I ignore them, because they just get in the way.  The networks have to pay the bills, blah blah blah, yeah I get it.  Whatever, not my problem.

Of the commercials I do see, however, my absolute least favorite are the ones for various different medications.  They’re always the same: show people being happy and healthy and having fun, then tell the viewer to ask their doctor about ________.  NOWHERE IN YOUR COMMERCIAL DID YOU TELL ME WHAT YOUR DRUG IS FOR.  If I was making a car commercial, and turned in a spot that didn’t show the car, I would be fired.  Yet somehow, all you get is a name – Celebrex, Claritin, Bleepblopmorphin, and you’re supposed to just bug your doctor.

So stupid.