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Workin’ at the Car Wash

This story is presented without comment.

Okay, no, I can’t not comment on something this stupid.  I have written before about the overall lack of institutional control at the NCAA.  I have absolutely no love for the organization, and will not hesitate to tell anyone who asks.

But this…this is ludicrous.

I’ll let you read the story, because summing it up without using expletives seems pretty bleeping impossible.

“Using university water.”  Oh.  Well, what about those student-athletes who shower after practice?  Are they entitled to that water, or is that an improper benefit?  And if they are, why is this poor young lady not entitled to use her allotment of “university water” as she sees fit?

If that sounds ridiculous, well, it’s because it is.

The NCAA very well may not exist in a decade.  If you ask me, that’s about 12 years too late.

I’m Going Over My Borders

I’ve always thought that kids are coddled way too much.  The second someone treats them with anything other than kid gloves, they complain and essentially go tattle to the teacher.  Oh, did your coach yell at you at pwaaactice?  Aw po baybay!

But sometimes, lines are crossed.  Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice was fined and suspended in December for “inappropriate behavior and language” at practices.  Everybody knew what kind of coach Rice was (is; as of this writing he is still the head coach at Rutgers), and that “inappropriate language” was pretty much part of the package.

Today, the proverbial “other shoe” dropped, as hours and hours of footage of Rice physically and verbally abusing his players was obtained by ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

I believe that we teach kids to be soft, and to whine and complain.  I got a trophy when I was in tee-ball, and since we didn’t win any sort of championship, the gesture offended me.  That’s the kind of guy I’ve always been.

That being said, Mike Rice is not being tough on his players.  He is not a coach or a mentor.  Mike Rice is a bully.  He is a bully and a coward, preying on young men that placed their trust in him.  The only consolation is that by this time tomorrow, or the day after, he will most likely be an unemployed bully.

What Rice did cannot be questioned; it’s all on videotape.  Rice’s future, or lack thereof at Rutgers, is also not up for debate; there is no way he can possibly remain in the position.  What does remain to be seen is what happens to Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti.  Pernetti saw the videotape when he launched his initial investigation into Rice’s behavior; he chose to suspend and fine Rice at the time.  While hindsight is admittedly 20/20, allowing Rice to keep his job should in no uncertain terms cost Pernetti his.

(UPDATE: Beyond that, Pernetti revealed that Rutgers University President Robert Barchi saw the tape as well, and agreed with the decision to suspend Rice.  This makes the next part of what I wrote even more apropos.)

I don’t want to pretend that what happened at Rutgers is comparable in scope and heinousness to what happened at Penn State, but the reaction of those in a position to do something about it certainly compares.  What will the NCAA do to Rutgers?  Anything?  If Rice is fired, and Pernetti follows him out the door, is everything copacetic with the folks in Indianapolis?

God, I hope not.

(And now we know the University President knew what went on and willingly allowed it to go for all intents and purposes unpunished.  They all need to go, and…well, I’d say the NCAA needs to come down hard on Rutgers, but I’ve already mentioned what little respect I have for the organization anymore, so it would be mildly hypocritical – and fantastical, really – for me to expect them to do anything in this situation.)

* * *

Whoa, total buzzkill, amiright?  Yeesh.  Let’s get back to the picks!

NIT: It’s Semifinal Tuesday at Madison Square Garden.  In the first game, I’m giving lead pipe lock status to Baylor, and in game two, I’m taking Maryland.  Ride that horse into the ground, right Coach Rice?

CBI: Santa Clara beat George Mason last night, exactly as I pred–oh.  Whoops.

CIT: Championship game tonight: East Carolina at Weber State.  As promised, I am going with the Wildcats.

(That’s Weber State.)

NIT: 17-11

CBI: 8-7

CIT: 21-9

Irrelevant Postseason Total: 46-27

Lead Pipe Locks: 8-4

NCAA Spread Picks: 10-12-1

All I Need in This Life of Sin is Me and My Girlfriend

If you’ve missed the Manti Te’o story over the last 24 hours, read the exposé on Deadspin first.  It will catch you up on the whole situation, plus they’re the ones that broke the “hoax” portion of it, so get it right from the horse’s mouth.  Or another horse’s body part, depending on your view of Deadspin.

Anyway, after thinking about it for a little bit, I have a potentially Unpopular Opinion™ about this: I think the NCAA should – nay, MUST – come down on Notre Dame for this, and it’s because of how they handled the situation at Penn State last summer.

Let me start by saying that 1) I am admittedly no fan of how the NCAA conducts its business, and 2) I am not naïve or stupid enough to compare the totality of the Penn State situation with what has happened here.

That being said, Penn State was punished essentially for lying.  The NCAA doesn’t have the jurisdiction to punish them for any alleged criminal activity; many, like the Governor of Pennsylvania, would argue that the NCAA doesn’t have the jurisdiction to punish them in the way they actually did.

Penn State was hit with the dreaded “lack of institutional control.”  Meanwhile, Notre Dame allowed the myth of Manti Te’o’s personal tragedy to perpetuate itself on a national stage, even if they’ve been truthful with when they found out.  Te’o allegedly found out that he was the victim of a hoax and informed his coaches on December 26.  Yesterday was January 16.  Three weeks passed between the revelation and the announcement, and during that stretch, the story was told many times as the Fighting Irish prepared for the BCS Championship Game.

Yet no one said a word.  Even worse, Te’o himself, despite now claiming to be a victim and having never met the “late” Lennay Kekua, told the story of how they met after a football game three years ago.  Now we’re expected to believe he’s telling the truth when he says he was duped?  Please.

Whatever chicanery unfolded here, Notre Dame either knew about it and said nothing, or willfully perpetuated the lie.  The NCAA set a precedent last July that that sort of behavior will not be tolerated.  Let’s see if they have the stones to back it up.

As for Te’o, he is no longer a student-athlete, as his eligibility has expired and he has signed with an agent in advance of the 2013 NFL Draft.  Should this hurt his draft stock?  Well, if you’re the Raiders or the Cowboys, absolutely not.  But for franchises that aren’t a collection of fiends and felons, you would think this situation would give pause.  Warren Sapp was potentially a top pick in the 1995 NFL Draft; he fell to 12th after rumors of multiple failed drug tests leaked the night before the draft.  If a rumor of potential drug use cost a dominant player such as Sapp, shouldn’t a potential fraud of this magnitude at least make you think twice?

But will it?  That remains to be seen.  He’s flat-out good, and in a year where the draft class is considered weak, the possibility that maybe he simply was duped, like he says, and it won’t be a problem as he’s holding down your middle linebacker spot for the next decade.

* * *

Manti Te’o is at best a liar, and at worst, a manipulative fraud.  At the very least, Notre Dame was complicit in covering up this fraud, if not the fraud itself.

Does that not sound like a “lack of institutional control” to you?

Your move, NCAA.