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The Same Old Song

I was in the car earlier and heard the song “Come and Get It” by Selena Gomez.  This is not news; it’s gotten a lot of radio play, despite being fairly terrible.

Upon hearing it, I changed the station because, like I said, it’s not good.  Now, I have six buttons for presets on my car radio, and there are three sets of six preset slots available: 12 FM stations and six on the AM dial.  I use eight of the FM slots, and these are pretty much the only stations I listen to.

So, eight stations.  I hear a song I don’t want to listen to, I pick another.  I did that this time, except the next station I went to was playing the same exact song.  Like, seriously?  You have how many bazillion songs at your disposal, and you play the exact same song – at the exact same time – as someone else?

So that happened.  Which, I mean…that kind of thing happens, I know.  But I was out on the road for about an hour running a couple errands, and on the way home, it happened again.  With the same artist!

What I want to know is how are four different radio stations playing Selena Gomez songs?

Of all the things wrong with our country, this has to rank in the top 20, right?

You Can Hear the Music on the AM Radio

I don’t listen to the radio all that often anymore.  That’s not a commentary on the quality of music these days; I just have an iPod full of music, and I like podcasts, so I spend most of my car time listening to those.

Most of my radio exposure is while riding or driving to lunch.  Those trips can last anywhere from five to 20 minutes, depending on traffic, which isn’t a lot of time.  Commercials can really sap all the music time, too, because when radio stations go to commercial…well, okay, that was my entire point.  Two things:

1) Radio commercials are so…so…so long.

2) Every station seems to air commercials at the exact same time.

I think the latter begets the former.  If all your competitors were airing ads, there would be no reason why you couldn’t run six minutes of ads yourself, you know?  There’s nowhere for anyone to go.

Yesterday I made a quick jaunt out for a sandwich for lunch.  Hop in the car, go into the store, leave, bring it back to the office.  All told, it was about 25 minutes.

I heard two songs.

I’m sure it’s not accidental; I’m sure there’s a tacit agreement that at eight and 38 minutes past the hour or whatever, everyone will run commercials for cars, concerts, restaurants, and that MONSTER TRUCK SHOW THIS SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!  Maybe it’s not even a tacit agreement; maybe there are rules and actual written guidelines and everything.

I don’t know.  What I do know is that almost every day I spend a large portion of my lunch commute pushing buttons, searching futilely for something other than commercials, and I don’t like it.  Get off my lawn, advertisers.