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It’s Too Cold For You Here

For the third time this week, winter weather has hit the area.  We’ve already had more snow in Philadelphia than we had all of last winter, and it’s not even actually winter yet.

Even in mild winters, where the total accumulation doesn’t even reach a foot, there are mornings where you have to shovel a little and clean off your car thanks to a dusting or an inch that came overnight.  By the third or fourth time – sooner if we have bigger snows – even I get to the point where I consider moving to San Diego and never seeing another snowflake as long as I live.  I know people who live in various places across the country, and seeing the pictures on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram of them in light jackets while they attend a football game makes things just that much worse.  “Aw, your team lost?  YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE PAIN OF WINTER!” I yell, while shaking my fist at the computer screen.

Tonight, after clearing up the snow/ice/slush/rain (yes, I pushed a couple shovelfuls of nothing but water across the sidewalk), I began to have those thoughts.  However, like I said before, it’s weather like this that gets me into the Christmas spirit more than anything, and that just wouldn’t happen in other parts of the country.  Had it been mid-January, I might be on the next flight west, but since it’s Christmastime, I let it go.

And the truth is, I always will let it go.  I’m a Northeast guy, hardened by cold and messy winters.  Granted, there are places where it’s much worse, and the shoveling/car cleaning routine can be a daily as opposed to a weekly ritual, but the weather here can be plenty nasty.  But I can’t imagine going through one winter, let alone many winters, without seeing the first flakes of a new storm blowing around, or waking up to see the whole neighborhood covered in snow.

I’m sure it’s great to live in California or Texas or Florida.  But it’s not for me.  And I’m okay with that.


Let It Snow

I’m in my extra-late 20s (I’m making that phrase happen, I don’t care what anyone says) but I’m not afraid to admit it: the other night, when they were calling for snow in the morning, I was legitimately excited.

When you’re little, snow is awesome.  It means no school.  It means playing outside in it.  It means everything looks pretty and serene and it’s the best.  When you’re an adult, it means dangerous driving conditions and shoveling and cleaning off your car and worrying about that shaky power line in front of the house.

But you know what?  Even when you’re an adult, sometimes snow means no work.  And yesterday, I had a snow day.  What did I do?  Absolutely nothing.  And it was grand.

Normally, I can work from home if I’m sick or need to go to an appointment or something, but the project I was working on required me to be at my desk with equipment that is in the office.  And when said office was closed, oh well, I’m sleeping in.

The time of year helps, too.  I’m not a big “Christmas spirit” guy, but there are two things that make me feel like it’s Christmastime.  The first, obviously, is snow.  If there’s snow on the ground in December, it’s so much different than snow in January.  January is cold and dark and cold.  February is colder and somehow, despite the days technically getting slightly longer, even darker.  December is cold and dark, but with the promise of the upcoming holidays to warm you up.  And if there’s snow on the ground when you go shopping, and on the trees at the Christmas tree lot when you’re picking one out for the living room, all the better.

The second things, oddly enough, is the hustle and bustle at the stores the few days before Christmas.  I know, I know, it’s become a commercial holiday, etc. etc.  But nothing screams “it’s Christmastime” to me more than going to the mall and seeing the mobs of people wrapping up their shopping (or, in some cases, beginning their shopping).  I’m not usually a last-minute shopper, but sometimes I save a couple things to pick up on the 23rd or 24th, just to feel like I’m a part of it.

(It’s weird in my head.  You should know this by now.)

So yeah.  Christmas is two weeks away, and I think I may be a little more ready for it than usual.  Then again, if it’s 50 degrees and raining on Christmas Day, just forget I said anything.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

The weather people told us we’d get a couple inches of snow today.  Instead, we got a couple of couples.  Eight inches or more fell across the Philadelphia region today.

And it was awesome.

Sure, cleaning up after a snow storm can be a pain, and driving during one can be downright treacherous.  But staying inside and watching a snowy football game on television with some hot cider fresh out of the…well, the Keurig?  The best.

I may be too old to go outside and play in the snow, but I’m not too old to enjoy the fact that it exists.  And while I will no doubt curse it later tonight when I go to clean off my car, it’s still something that I’m not afraid to admit that I like.

You know what?  I’ll clean it off in the morning.  More cider, more football, and more warmth, please.

Just Another Manic Monday

It’s officially spring.  Has been, for a couple days.


Cinderella got to stick around the ball for a little while longer last night as Florida Gulf Coast moved into the Sweet 16.  Good for them, but let’s be real: the “first 15-seed to reach the Sweet 16” is criminally underseeded.  You mean to tell me they aren’t as good as Harvard?  Or Montana?  And yet those teams were seeded one and two lines, respectively, ahead of FGCU.  P.S., those teams were also summarily routed out of the tournament already.

It’s about time we ditched the RPI, the strength of schedule, and all the other numbers, and forced the selection committee to actually WATCH BASKETBALL GAMES.  I defy you to watch that team and tell me they should be a 15-seed.  You can’t do it, because they’re not.

* * *

NIT: Virginia got it done.  Woo, Hoos!  Tonight I will take Southern Miss, Providence, and BYU.  Home teams, baby.

CBI: The quarterfinals have arrived!!!  I’M SO (not) PUMPED!!!  Give me Purdue, Richmond, Wyoming, and the Atlantic 10’s newest member, George Mason, as my lead pipe lock.

CIT: Kent State lost, blowing up my whole CIT bracket.  Oral Roberts, I’m counting on you tonight.

NCAA: Whoa!  Two covers!!  Whooooaaaa!!  FGCU beat San Diego State outright, as I thought they might, and after a slow start, Kansas ran away from North Carolina.  No NCAA games until Thursday.

NIT: 11-10

CBI: 6-2

CIT: 18-5

Irrelevant Postseason Total: 35-17

Lead Pipe Locks: 4-2

NCAA Spread Picks: 6-9-1

Panic is on the Way

A monster snowstorm is on its way to the northeastern United States. New England is preparing for potentially its worst storm in 35 years, and multiple inches of snow will fall as far south as Philadelphia. With New York and Boston – two cities that have a habit of making everything about them – expecting large amounts of snow, this has become a national news story.

I don’t have a lot to say about it – I mean, if it snows, it snows, you know? – but I do think the mass media coverage inevitably ends up being hypocritical about these things. All you see and hear on the news is that if you’re in the path of the storm, be prepared. Don’t go out, don’t drive, etc. And then when the storm’s going on, what do they do? They show everyone panicking, then they send a reporter out there to blow around and get frostbite.

What I’m saying is, don’t panic, but prepare and be smart. And when it starts snowing, turn off the news. You don’t need a weather report when you have a window. The snow will be there when it’s over.