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You’re So Cold

Yesterday was the Third Annual Thanksgiving Golf Classic.  My title defense did not go well.

For starters, it was cold.  So cold.  So, so very cold.  I am one of those golfers who takes his glove off to putt, and have also recently toyed around with the idea of wearing two gloves to improve my grip (or at the very least fool myself into being more confident with my grip).  Well, yesterday I had on a pair of those thin gloves you can wear while still using a touchscreen, as well as a pair of golf gloves, and left them on all day.

I was also wearing two pairs of pants (khakis on top, because this is a classy event), a long-sleeved shirt under another long-sleeved shirt, a windbreaker, a cap, and one of those ear-covering thingies that goes over a cap.  Suffice to say, I came prepared.

And it showed, as I hung around in contention while the other guys complained about the cold.  Conditions were obviously tough, and while the wind wasn’t too much of a factor, the greens were like glass tables.  You could just give the ball a tap and watch it roll clear across the green.  Of course, I still managed to leave a few putts short, which blew my mind, but I blamed my lack of touch on the fact that I was wearing four more gloves than usual.

Battling through all of that, I managed to hit a good number of fairways, and my charge really began when I made par on our ninth hole (we started on hole 16) to get to within three points of the lead.

Unfortunately, that’s where it ended.  Over the last nine holes, our new champion, Jose, turned that three-point lead into an 18-point victory.  He actually clinched the trophy with two holes to go, but then tacked onto the lead just for kicks.

We were playing a different course than usual, which made things a little different, but also fun.  However, more than any course, trophy, or good/bad performance, the key to the day was and will always be the people we played with.  It’s a good group, and having created a silly little tradition that means way more to us than it should is the best part about it.  The fact that we’ve actually kept up with it, even if it’s only been three years, is also impressive.

For the record, I was third, avoiding a last-place finish by a single point.  While not the result I was looking for, I guess it’s the result I deserved.

Until next year, when I get my hands back on that trophy.  Or not.  So long as I get to spend part of my holiday with the same three idiots I always do.